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February 13, 2011

MFA Grads and Former Acrobats: Approaches to the Author Bio

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By Edan Lepucki

The other day, I got my paws on an advance copy of  Zazen by Vanessa Veselka, which will be released this May by Red Lemonade, an imprint of Cursor, Richard Nash’s start-up publishing community. I loved the cover, which reminds me of some of Ed Ruscha’s paintings, and a sentence early on pleased me greatly:  “He always orders a Tofu Scramble and makes me write a fucking essay to the cook.”  Oh how I love an ornery waitress!

Then I turned to the back cover, and read Veselka’s bio:

Vanessa Veselka (Portland, OR) has been, at various times, a teenage runaway, a sex-worker, a union organizer, a student of paleontology, an expatriate, an independent record label owner, a train-hopper, a waitress and a mother.  Her work has appeared in Arthur, Bust, Maximum Rock ‘N’ Roll, Tin House, and elsewhere. Zazen is her first novel.

Sex-worker?  Train hopper?   Wow, I thought, I need to get out more.  I suppose if I’d had such a dramatic and compelling past, I might include those facts in my own bio.  But would I?  I tend to prefer only a listing one’s writing-related achievements, however, I recognize this might be closed-minded and uptight of me.  My preference of author bio favors academic and publication history over life and work experience, though one could argue–and do so convincingly–that that isn’t necessarily what matters most.  Why should one kind of bio be any more relevant than another?       …read more


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