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November 23, 2012

What Can Publishers Learn from Indie Rock?

Reckless Records, Chicago. Photo by Michael Clarke.

By Michael Clarke

Over the last few years, I’ve been buying more music on vinyl than I have since, well, ever. I realize this is a bit anachronistic. I’m not one of those audiophile types who go on and on about how much better music sounds on vinyl. I do think it sounds a bit warmer but really to my ears it is not that big a difference. Mainly I buy vinyl because I enjoy the whole experience of the record.

It starts at the local record store, where I seem to always to find really knowledgeable people who turn me on to great music. In Chicago, I lived a few blocks down from the legendary Reckless Records on Milwaukee Avenue, the model for the record store in the movie High Fidelity. Here in Charlottesville, I am right around the corner from the fabulous Melody Supreme, whose proprietor always has a great recommendation. I realize there are services like Pandora, Spotify, iTunes Genius, and Soudhound, and I use all of these. But I continue to value the non-algorithmic connections of the human mind when it comes to music association and discovery.

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