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March 7, 2013

Amazon and Achieving the Moral Middle Ground

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moleskineBy Jared Shurin

So here’s a thing – not sure if it is blog-worthy or not, but if it isn’t written, it won’t happen.

I had a really nice chat in a bookshop the other day. I was leering at Moleskines (Hobbit Moleskines, in fact, because that’s how I roll), as was another guy. We chatted a bit about the notebooks – how we use them (or don’t), how silly they are (but we get them anyway), how many we have (way too many), etc. Dude had 28 notebooks. Which sounds extreme, but then he explained that he has one for each project – whenever he’s got a new scheme, he gets a new notebook. Awesome idea, and were I 1/8000th as organised, I’d follow suit. (My notebooks? I try to keep them magical and inviolate, but inevitably tear out pages, jot down to-do lists, etc. Ruined.)

Anyway, it was a silly conversation and I’ve had a thousand just like them in bookstores all over the world. Sometimes they happen with the staff. Sometimes with other customers. Sometimes at events. Hell, sometimes I even manage to have meaningful conversations with other readers at events that I’ve organised.


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