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December 31, 2010

The Bidoun Library Project

The Middle East has long been a source of fascination for artists and writers, especially in the West. The Bidoun Organisation has created a travelling exhibition that brings together some 1,000 posters, cartoons, catalogues and curiosities that show how distorted the clichés of the Orient were, even post-1945. Amira El Ahl reports from Cairo

| Bild: Covers of <i>The Sheikh</i> series (photo: Amira El Ahl)
Bild vergrössern Imperial political propaganda tool: Covers of The Sheikh series in the exhibition at the Townhouse Gallery |

A Treasure Chest of Oriental Pulp Fiction 

Trashy novels are generally instantly recognizable by the garish picture on the cover. This usually depicts a gorgeous, scantily-clad maiden being rescued, or kissed, or clasped to the manly bosom of the posturing hero. Clearly, The Secret Son of the Sheikh is a cheap thriller of the same genre as thousands of other such romances… more


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