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February 16, 2012

Furor over Elsevier escalates

By Dennis Johnson

The protest against academic journal publisher Elsevier continues to grow explosively, with another 1,000 professors joining the 5,000 we reported yesterday who have signed a petiton vowing not to peer-review or submit papers for any of the Dutch publisher’s scientific journals.

At Duke University, prominent mathematician Ingrid Daubechies and several colleagues, including fellow mathematician Mark Iwen, economist E. R. Weintraub, biologists Laryssa Baldridge and Eric Butter, and other Duke faculty members the boycott, says a report from Duke Today by Ashley Yeager. According to the report,

Daubechies, who heads the International Mathematical Union (IMU) and is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, said too many mathematicians and other scientists are “utterly frustrated by the enormous prices libraries are being charged for journals, when the content, the peer review that ensures quality and the scientific part of the administration are all provided by our community itself, completely or mostly on a volunteer basis.”

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