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November 29, 2012

Is Exploiting Authors To Be The New Publishing Model?

Radical concept: could publishers start treating writers as partners?

By Orna Ross

Is there anybody in trade publishing who is willing to partner with writers as equals?

That’s the question that urgently needs to be answered as Simon & Schuster (S&S) adopts the dubious new business model that’s emerging around the surge in self-publishing. Instead of selling underpriced books to readers, it seems publishers will now sell overpriced   (and in some cases, substandard) services to writers.

Shame on you, S&S, for sullying your name by linking with Author Solutions, one of the most exorbitant and substandard of them all. And on you too Penguin-Pearson, for kicking off this sorry trend with your purchase of Author Solutions earlier this year.

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August 2, 2011

Author Solutions Starts Million Dollar Film Fund

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By Rachel Deahl

Author Solutions wants to start making movies. The company, which has over 145,000 self-published titles in its library, has started a film development fund with $1 million of seed money to acquire the film rights to books by its authors. The fund will be overseen by Marcus Chait, who currently runs Author Solutions’ film and new media department, and, through the fund, the company will identify books it thinks are ideal for adapting to the screen, acquire dramatic rights to those titles and then invest in developing a screenplay to ultimately sell to a production company.

The fund, said Author Solutions CEO Kevin Weiss, grew out of the company’s growing footprint in Hollywood. After hiring Chait about 18 month ago to work on developing trailers to promote titles by the company’s authors, Weiss said the company started doing more treatments and coverage for clients. “We were listening to what our authors wanted and they kept asking for access to people in the film industry,” Weiss noted.

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