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July 19, 2012

Book ‘pirate’ goes underground after being named by Terry Goodkind

Indecent exposure … Fantasy author Terry Goodkind has publicly castigated a pirate of his ebook

The actions of the fantasy author, who published the photo and details of The First Confessor pirate, have divided digital opinion.

By Alison Flood

Wizard hero Richard Rahl smites wrongdoers with his Sword of Truth. His creator, the bestselling fantasy author Terry Goodkind, turned to Facebook to name and shame a fan who pirated a digital version of his latest novel, The First Confessor.

Goodkind, whose epic Sword of Truth fantasy series has sold 25m copies around the world, according to its publisher Tor, took the unusual move of deciding to self-publish The First Confessor: The Legend of Magda Searus as an ebook exclusive. The book was released earlier this month and quickly shot up Amazon’s bestseller list, but despite it being made available in a multitude of formats, for $9.99, pirated editions soon started to appear.

Goodkind was outraged, and decided to name one of the pirates on his Facebook page, posting the perpetrator’s details – including a photo – and prompting an onslaught of online fury against him. “So Josh, how about it — no respect for a hard-working author and fellow racing enthusiast? Not even for someone that is emphatically trying to reach out to people that might consider pirating our hard work? Can’t be bothered to read and consider our note on piracy in the front of the book?” wrote Goodkind. “How ironic you claim to be a fan of books that uphold truth and honour above all else. We hope the price of fame is worth the cost of your infamy.”

The named pirate’s Twitter and personal webpages have subsequently been removed, and Goodkind said that immediately after his post, almost all of his piracy links were deleted as well.

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