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September 11, 2012

Choosing your first ereader

  By Arthur Attwell

So you’ve decided that that many people can’t be wrong: it’s time to get an ereader. But which one? The industry of ereaders and other mobile devices is filled with big and small companies promising you the world, and you don’t trust half of it. The cruel truth is that no one can tell you exactly what’s best for you. Everyone’s preferences are different. You simply have to figure it out for yourself, and this might be an expensive journey. That said, if you’re going to take the plunge, here’s my two cents’ worth. It might help you dodge a few bullets along the way.

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April 29, 2012

The Worst Book Covers of All Time Have Destroyed My Faith In Humanity

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Good bless you, Eleanor Burns.

By Jesus Diaz

The worst album covers of all time made me miss the good old times of record shops. These books, however, just scare me. They scare me because, with the advent of personal digital book publishing, things are probably going to get even worse. I don’t even want to get into Amazon or iBooks’ selfpublishing sections.


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March 17, 2011

New iBooks update opens door to fully illustrated publishing

By  Charlotte Williams

Apple’s latest version of its iBooks app, which allows e-books to have a pictorial layout similar to printed books and supports full page illustrations, has been hailed by one publisher as being “the beginning of a phenomenally exciting phase in picture book publishing”.

The new version of the online store means all publishers signed up to Apple’s terms on the iBookstore, including HarperCollins, Hachette, Penguin, Pan Macmillan, Canongate and Simon & Schuster, will be able to release fully illustrated e-books.

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December 16, 2010

Mike Shatzkin discusses ways e-book sellers can differentiate

In publishing consultant Mike Shatzkin’s latest blog post, he reflects on the way that changes in the e-book market (most notably agency pricing) and the relatively similar features of most e-book readers (barring the occasional pet peeve or badly-formatted title here or there) mean there is no longer any particular advantage to the reader in buying from one e-book store over another….read more

December 10, 2010

Kindle Is Most-Shopped E-Bookstore

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According to our poll, the Kindle store is (very unsurprisingly) the most shopped e-bookstore right now, with 36% of respondents saying it’s their top choice for e-books.

What is slightly surprising, however, is that in second place is the “other” option, which allowed respondents to enter their own text. Almost 24% picked this option, and the most popular responses among them were Kobo, iFlow Books and Books on Board….read more

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