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May 15, 2013

Brick and mortar: Best indie bookstores

Author Ann Patchett, shown here at Parnassus Books, co-founded the Nashville bookstore at the end of 2011.

Author Ann Patchett, shown here at Parnassus Books, co-founded the Nashville bookstore at the end of 2011.

By Hilary Davidson

In the age of Amazon and e-books, common wisdom claims that brick-and-mortar bookstores are going the way of the dinosaurs. If a national chain such as Borders, which folded in 2011, couldn’t succeed in this climate, what are the odds of an independent shop going the distance?

Surprisingly good, it turns out.

I’ve published three novels over the past three years, and each time I head out on tour, I discover amazing bookstores. While it’s hard to beat the Internet for sheer efficiency, virtual book-buying can’t satisfy the same itch for discovery that browsing in person can. Moreover, it’s become easy to love e-books and local stores since Kobo started partnering with independents to make some 3 million titles available electronically.

The stores that are succeeding offer a mix of author visits, staff recommendations and community outreach that’s impossible to replace. While there are incredible indies all over North America, these are my favorites:

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January 17, 2013

How To Buy eBooks at Your Favorite Bookstore

app-300x198By Jason Boog

Are you worried that digital books will ruin your favorite independent bookstore?

Google will end its digital book reseller program for independent bookstores this month, but you can fill up your new tablet or mobile device with eBooks from indie bookshops with a few simple steps.

If you have a Kobo eReading device or a Kobo eReading app for your device, you can buy eBooks through your favorite independent bookstore. Below, we’ve collected steps on how to buy eBooks from an indie bookstore.

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December 11, 2012

E-readers reading your reading: A serious invasion of privacy?

The end of private browsing ...

The end of private browsing …

A new report shows that almost all such devices monitor users’ activity. This doesn’t really bother me, but should I be more worried?

By Alison Flood

In the light of a feature I wrote this summer, about how our e-readers can track our reading habits – complete, I’m ashamed to say, with the obligatory Orwell references – I thought I’d point anyone who’s interested in the direction of this new report from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

It’s the organisation’s latest guide to e-reader privacy policies, including Amazon’s Kindle, Kobo and Sony, and it finds that “in nearly all cases, reading ebooks means giving up more privacy than browsing through a physical bookstore or library, or reading a paper book in your own home”.

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November 1, 2012

Kobo to launch in South Africa

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| By Lisa Campbell

Kobo is to launch in South Africa in partnership with Pick n Pay hyperstores and supermarkets.

Amazon already sells Kindle devices in South Africa and now Kobo will attempt to win market share from the digital reading giant with the Kobo Touch device.

The Kobo South Africa website says it will offer popular literature by “notable local authors”, with books in both English and Afrikaans.


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August 31, 2012

More Details Emerge on ABA/Kobo Partnership

By Judith Rosen

Yesterday’s announcement that the American Booksellers Association found an e-book solution with Kobo replacing Google raised a number of questions, including when the transition will take place. Neil Strandberg, ABA director of member technology, filled in more of the details, although he declined to give a specific date. “For months, we’ve pledged that our members will have the ability to sell e-books through our new partnership long in advance of the upcoming holiday season,” he said. “That remains the case.”
ABA had originally chosen Google, because it was the only option available. This time, according to Strandberg, the ABA spoke with dozens of possible partners. “We simply decided that at the moment, Kobo is offering our members the best means to compete in today’s rapidly changing digital environment,” he said.

Under the new arrangement, for the first time all ABA members—not just IndieCommerce stores—will have the option to sell Kobo content and share in the sales. No separate arrangement with Kobo is necessary.

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January 7, 2011

Kobo Set to Lead eReading Industry Expansion in 2011

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eReading Pioneer Provides Platform to over a Dozen Tablet OEM and Mobile Partners.

LAS VEGAS–(EON: Enhanced Online News)–Kobo, the only pure-play global eReading service built on an open platform, today announced that it has gained access to more than 20 million consumers through securing relationships with over a dozen partners that include tablet and eReader original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and mobile operators. Kobo has attracted key partners including Samsung and RIM with its unique, innovative, strategy of making eReading available on any device from its open, cloud-based platform….read more

December 16, 2010

Mike Shatzkin discusses ways e-book sellers can differentiate

In publishing consultant Mike Shatzkin’s latest blog post, he reflects on the way that changes in the e-book market (most notably agency pricing) and the relatively similar features of most e-book readers (barring the occasional pet peeve or badly-formatted title here or there) mean there is no longer any particular advantage to the reader in buying from one e-book store over another….read more

December 10, 2010

Kindle Is Most-Shopped E-Bookstore

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According to our poll, the Kindle store is (very unsurprisingly) the most shopped e-bookstore right now, with 36% of respondents saying it’s their top choice for e-books.

What is slightly surprising, however, is that in second place is the “other” option, which allowed respondents to enter their own text. Almost 24% picked this option, and the most popular responses among them were Kobo, iFlow Books and Books on Board….read more

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