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August 1, 2013

Authors say they prefer books in print

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Alain de Botton prefers the real thing

Alain de Botton prefers the real thing

By Louise Gray

A year ago Amazon reported its Kindle e-books were outstripping its sale of printed books.

But reading lists this year show that most authors prefer a proper, old-fashioned book to touch screens.

Writers prefer a well-stuffed bookshelf to one slim tablet, and they admire a well-illustrated book over a touch-screen.

Alain de Botton the philosopher said he dumped e-books when he realised the information didn’t sink in without physical contact with a real book.

”I’m a recent apostate from e-books. I found whatever I read on my Kindle, I couldn’t remember in the long term. It was as if I’d never read it,” he said.

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