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February 22, 2013

Why ready access to books is just as important as superfast broadband

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The newest tool in social engagement? Reading – so think Gutenberg, not Zuckerberg, says Cathy Rentzenbrink

I have never taken my ability to read for granted. My father was unable to read well until he was 30 years old. In fact, he didn’t even pick up a book to read for pleasure until he retired. I know this because I coached him through his reading development, step by step. At first, he read bits of the newspaper – the sports section, mainly – then he moved on to sports biographies and, from there, short thrillers. Today he reads almost everything, except the most complex literary fiction.

My father is probably the reason I ended up working for Quick Reads, a book industry charity that supports wider adult readership. We aim to make it easier for those who don’t read – or those who have lost confidence in their ability to pick up a book – to get back into reading. I’ve witnessed at every stage the journey my father has made from novice to confident reader, and have seen first hand the causes and effects of low literacy. Thankfully, I’ve also seen the hugely transformative effect that reading for pleasure can have.

We recently commissioned new research that revealed that as many as one in 10 adults in Britain never read, many of them because they say they don’t have time; one quarter – 12 million people – have only picked up a book once in the last six months. This is a problem, an illustration of our failing as a society. We talk of digital disengagement but literary disenfranchisement is just as worrying.

A new study from the Institute for Education suggests that for many people books are, or could become, vital tools of social engagement. In an age in where “being connected” for many means a mobile connection to Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, online social networks are simply the latest manifestation of a far older phenomenon – the group conversation.

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February 18, 2013

Quarter of adults ‘have barely read a book in past six months’

quickreadsnew | By Charlotte Williams

A quarter of UK adults—more than 12 million people—have only picked up a book to read for pleasure once, or less than once, in the past six months, according to new research commissioned by literacy campaign Quick Reads.

A YouGov poll of just over 2,000 people also revealed that nearly one in 10 adults claim they never read books, with 29% of those surveyed who have read once every six months or less citing time pressures as the reason.

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November 9, 2012

WBN 2013 titles revealed

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 | By Charlotte Williams

A graphic novel from Rebellion and a Quick Reads title are among the chosen World Book Night UK books for 2013. The scheme to give away 500,000 books will run in the US for a second year, though its future in Germany is currently “unclear”.

The BBC has returned as a media partner for the UK event, with the book selection to feature on BBC1’s “The One Show” tonight (8th November) as well as on “Newsnight Review”. Time magazine is also an agreed media partner, with details of its coverage to follow.

World Book Night c.e.o. Julia Kingsford said the UK initiative is emphasising accessibility in 2013, with the list of books down from 25 titles to 20 and givers being asked to distribute a less demanding 20 copies of their chosen title, down from 24 at 2012’s event. Of the half a million books, 400,000 will be distributed by individual givers, with an additional 100,000 to be distributed centrally by WBN through charity partners and institutions.

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March 11, 2011

Galaxy campaign for Quick Reads unveiled

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 Katie Allen

The Galaxy-sponsored promotional campaign for Quick Reads has been unveiled, with advertising, posters and bookmarks lined up for the literacy campaign.

The 10 Quick Reads, all published on World Book Day, 3rd March, include titles by Linwood Barclay, James Patterson and Benjamin Zephaniah, all of which have Galaxy branding on the cover.                                                                                   …read more 

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